Being hand-dipped is one of the most unique qualities of Krause’s Chocolates. We make the centers of each candy by hand in a copper cooking pot. They are transferred to a cream beater and then pressed by hand in an antique candy press. Now the candy is ready to be engulfed in the highest quality chocolate. Each center is dropped by hand into a dipping pot and scooped out by the “dipper” using hand-crafted tools; scoops, loops, forks depending on the shape of the center.

The temperature of the chocolate is constantly monitored to ensure a thick, lustrous coating on every piece. From the dipping pot, the candies are placed in individual paper cups. These are color-coded for easy identification. Full trays of warm candies are slid into temperature controlled cooling tunnels. At the end of the tunnel emerge unique, individual chocolates ready for hand packing. Mass produced candy can not compare. The unsurpassed quality makes Krause's Chocolates virtually fly out the door. Freshness is never an issue!

There are more than 50 varieties of unique, hand-dipped chocolates, several flavors of creamy homemade fudge and melt-in-your-mouth peanut brittle. Most varieties are available in milk or semi-sweet chocolate. The premium chocolate Karl uses originated with a Swiss formula and taste, above all else, is paramount.

The milk chocolate, as its name implies, contains more milk and is lighter and sweeter than the robust, stronger flavored semi-sweet chocolate. Unlike cheaper quality chocolates, which contain waxes or oils, Karl’s choice of chocolate has a rich flavor with no unpleasant after-taste. He uses only freshly roasted nuts and the finest imported dried fruits from around the world.

Savory favorites like caramel, butter crunch and peanut brittle contain only the freshest ninety-three score butter. Cream centers are made with pure cane sugar, egg-white frappe, real fruit and fruit oils. Karl strives to use natural flavors and colors whenever possible. Whether you prefer tender, light marshmallow, moist, exotic coconut or old-fashioned peanut butter, Krause’s Chocolates are the best you’ll ever taste.