Our chocolates have received their fair share of ink over the years - including a stellar review from the New York Times and the Best Chocolates / Candy Store Award from Hudson Valley Magazine for over 13 years! Read some recent highlights below. . . 

New York Times

A 3-Generation Taste for Chocolate - "Karl Krause remembers his first chocolate — a coconut-filled piece of chocolate, to be precise — as a clandestine thrill he discovered at age 5 in his family’s hallway closet."  Read full article

Hudson Valley Magazine

Best of Hudson Valley - "This is the tenth year in a row that our readers have given the nod to the Krause family business, which has been whipping up delicious hand-dipped and homemade goodies for 3 generations..."  Read more


"The best chocolates ever! Check out this local legend. They make great shapes and do sugar free and organic and every kind of old world chocolate you can imagine. Very cool for grabbing a last minute gift." Read reviews 


"Chocoholics beware: you could find yourself in serious trouble at Krause's Chocolates, a second-generation-run confectionery. Candy-cane-striped columns beckon you inside..." Read review


Road Trip! Destination: Saugerties, N.Y. - "If 'on vacation, off the diet' is your mantra, indulging in the homemade confections of Krause's Chocolates is a no-brainer."  Read article

Hudson Valley Magazine

Where to Find Locally Made Candy, Caramel Apples, and Seasonal Sweets - "Krause’s has been a reader favorite for years for its wide range of unique, hand-made chocolate treats, including seasonal items like caramel apples, pumpkin seed brittle..."  Read article

The Chocolate Cult

Helping the World Choose the Best Chocolate - "This is a 1/2 lb. box of chocolates, which means each of the 12 pieces weighs about 0.67 oz., so these are sizable pieces. . . Krause's offers 80 flavors to choose from. . ."  Read article 


                                  Dear Wendy

 Wendy's Weekly Picks- "A couple weeks ago, Drew took a quick 24-hour trip to Saugerties to visit an old college friend of his who moved there with his partner and their little boy. It was to have been a family trip for us, but because of colds the kids and I stayed behind. Drew brought home a box of chocolates for me that were handcrafted at a place in Saugerties, and I was blown away..." Read article