Some say Krause's hand-dipped Chocolates are the best on the planet. But don't take our word for it, listen to what these choco-fanatics have to say!  If you'd love to do a little raving yourself, please add your comments here.  

Dark chocolate covered ginger is amazing, sophisticated, and. . .

“In an age in which chocolate is being reinvented as an existential sociopolitical experience, Krause's remembers that chocolate is above all - candy.

Finally made it out to the Saugerties mothership after fleeting samples and descriptions of chocolate over the past three years. I knew what I wanted, and they did not disappoint. The dark chocolate covered ginger is amazing, sophisticated, and certainly a snack for any occasion. Similarly, chocolate-covered orange peels were as excellent as billed.

Of note, this dark chocolate isn't the 90% cacao, bitter adventures that is now becoming upper crust chocolate. Instead, it's pretty sweet - Hershey's sweet - and is hell-bent upon melting in the hands (and steering wheel and necktie).

Kudos to the staff for putting together a seven-pound custom order right before a holiday weekend on a day's notice. Additionally, the availability of chocolate-covered frozen bananas (there's always money in the banana stand) makes a visit doubly worthwhile.

Chocolate was meant to taste good. Thanks guys.”

- Steve L., Providence, RI

BEST chocolates EVER!!!

I work in an Assisted Living facility in Rogers, AR.  One of our sweet residents gave the ENTIRE staff each 1/2 pound of the assorted chocolates. I ate 3 the first hour upon receiving the beautiful package!  He was right, they are the BEST chocolates EVER!!!

- Lori E., AR

Great chocolate...

Holy Cow!  I just placed my order yesterday! And here it is already.  The ice packs kept everything in perfect shape.  Great chocolate and wonderful service, too.  How can you beat that combination?

Thank you, 

- Carol W. 

Seriously good chocolate...

We just received our order...this is seriously good chocolate.  I think you might have the best tasting dark chocolate on the kidding.

My wife was raised in the Hudson Valley and her folks buy chocolate at your store every now and then.  Living in Virginia, we decided to order and have it shipped.  That was the right decision!  It arrived neatly packed and nothing melted inside.

Keep up the good work, because you've got the best chocolate out there.  Wow!  This is SERIOUSLY good chocolate. 

- Kelley & Anne F., Virginia Beach, VA

Chocolates delivered in 95 degree temps.... 

Just wanted to say thank you so much for sending the chocolates to one of the hottest parts of the country right now.  The ice packs were totally thawed but the chocolates were perfect!  Thanks to the extra care you took by sending them so well-packaged, all of them arrived intact.  Kudos to Krause's!

- Pat M., Tuscon, AZ

I can't stop eating them...

"I live in Florida.

This Christmas I received a box of your chocolates. They are delicious! I can't stop eating them. Each day I tell myself: "O.K. Today I will have only two after lunch." Well, that never works out.

Thank you for making such a delicious product. Those chocolates are noticeably different from others. 

Had to give you positive feedback because you deserve it."

- Kathryn, North Port, FL

The best I have had...

"Krause's Chocolates have been our family tradition for over 40 years! Absolutely delicious and the best I have had. It's that good. Dark Chocolate Coconut Toasties are OMG good as well as everything. Thank you to all at Krause's Chocolates for making our life sweet all these years!"

- Lin L. and Family, Rhinebeck, NY

I mentioned them in my latest novel...

"My sister introduced me to Krause's when I last visited New York. I liked them so much that I mentioned them in my latest novel, "Detour", which is set in the Mid-Hudson Valley. You might want to check it out. "

Click here to buy Devorah's book on Amazon!

- Devorah F., Port Aransas, TX

Absolutely delicious....

I ordered about 20 boxes of chocolates for the staff in my husband's office and regretfully only ordered one extra box for us to enjoy (lesson learned for the next time around!). 

Krause's has the most amazing chocolates.  The custom boxed chocolates have a huge variety to choose from and they are absolutely delicious. Their customer service is also first rate!

- Jaclyn B. 

I was blown away...

"A couple weeks ago, Drew took a quick 24-hour trip to Saugerties to visit an old college friend of his who moved there with his partner and their little boy. It was to have been a family trip for us, but because of colds the kids and I stayed behind. Drew brought home a box of chocolates for me that were handcrafted at a place in Saugerties, and I was blown away. Krause’s Chocolates are seriously some of the best chocolates I’ve ever had. If you’re a close friend or family member of ours, expect some from us for the holidays this year!"


 - Dear Wendy

Something sweet...

"Thank you for getting my order out to my girlfriend in such a timely manner. Being deployed is tough but it is great knowing that I can hop online and order something sweet that makes those who are important to me smile even though I'm on the other side of the world. I will most certainly be placing more orders.

Thanks again!

 Gerald G.

Exceptional service....

The service we received from everyone at Krause's has been exceptional.  I've already been telling lots of friends and family about how great your company (and your chocolate!) is. 

 - Rayna 

Krause's is the best!....

Your service, chocolates and customer relations are far superior to many companies I have dealt with.

- Susan F. 

Best I've ever had...

"I can't express enough how impressed I was with my Christmas gift of your incredible Krause's Chocolates. I especially enjoyed the sea salt caramels, the ginger, orange and marzipan. All were the best I've ever had and I have tried the "previous" best in my worldwide travels. Thank you!"

- Gina F.

The very best... 

“I have had chocolates from around the world and the very best I have found are at a family owned business Krause's in Saugerties, NY. Have driven 90 minutes one way to buy them!”

- Anna D., Beacon Falls, CT 

THE BEST chocolate...

“Wholeheartedly agree with Anna. Krause's is THE BEST chocolate I've ever tasted, hands down.”

- Annie RH

I love Krause's...

“I love Krause's like no other chocolate in the world!!!”

- Judy H., Poughkeepsie, NY

...nothing compares to Krause's!!

"Hi Chocolate Gods, I just finished my last piece of Krause's from Valentine's Day so I will be over soon to replenish. There is nothing that compares to Krause's!!”

- Ardith Z.

Reasonably priced....

I work as a nurse in Annapolis, Maryland.  One of our Doctors bought us a box of your chocolates for Christmas.  They were truly the most wonderful chocolates I have ever had and so beautiful.  I was surprised to see how reasonably priced they are.  I'll be ordering some Valentine chocolates soon.  Thank you!  It's so neat to find a product you love that's worth the money, just wanted to let you know. 

- Lauren S., Annapolis, MD 

I think your candy is the best...

“Hello everyone at Krause's. I ordered a few different boxes of your wonderful chocolates for Valentine's Day. When I tell you that we can't stop jumping up to those boxes, I mean it! I have ordered from all over the country and I think your candy is the best. Who knew that little old Saugerties could produce a better chocolate than New York City, San Francisco and points near and far…”

- Patricia K., Brooklyn, NY

The good stuff comes from Saugerties...

“I grew up in Woodstock. Since then I’ve lived in Manhattan, down South, Los Angeles, where I live now, and have also been around a bit out of the country. I’ve had chocolate in all those places.Your chocolate is better than Godiva or any other overpriced stuff from Belgium or wherever the good stuff is supposed to come from. The good stuff comes from Saugerties!”

- Peter K.

Awesome molded 3d chocolate....

"OMG! I just received my hand molded 3D chocolate order. ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!! Beautifully packaged. Exactly what I was hoping for. Awesome!"

- Donna G.

A little bit of my childhood....

"We moved from Saugerties almost 33 years ago. I remember every Easter morning and our Krauses baskets. I'm so glad I found your site...., I have always told my kids that I grew up on the best chocolate in the world.... now they'll know..."

-Margaret D.

If you haven't had one yet, you don't know what you're missing...

"Over the past few years, I've been spending alot of time in Saugerties and was told, by a local, that I had to check out Krause's for chocolates. And so I did, and I have become a huge fan!! The chocolate is, by far, some of the best. It actually surpasses some of the well-known names in the market and my latest indulgence is their caramel apples. If you haven't had one yet, you don't know what you're missing. They are incredible. And one of the nicest things about Krause's is the staff...always helpful, always's an all-around wonderful visit."

-Angie G.

Why’d you wait so long?

"easy to locate;
plenty of parking;
big shady trees on hot days;
a block from the park where you can go swimming;
or, boating....or, picnicking;
delicious smelling store;
cards and cool things to look at;
all sorts of candy....pre-packaged your own by the piece or the box;
gift wrapping available;
free samples;
FRIENDLY smiling helpful employees!
other customers always nice;
the chocolate even your in-laws will like receiving from you :)
the perfect treat, in portion-control size (so rich and delicious that you’ll enjoy your time savoring each one!)
my family and i have been delighted eager patrons for over 15 years.
chocolate too good to save for special occasions."

- Ir’lynd O.

Chocolate feeds your soul from Krause’s

"At my birthday party I put out Godiva chocolate because I want Krause’ chocolate to myself. One of my friends said put that away and give us the wonderful delicious Krauses chocolate stop holding out on us."

-Toni G.

There’s always room for chocolate

"I absolutely love my Krauses. So much so that I jokingly tell people 'chocolate is my heroin; Krauses is my dealer.' Life is so much sweeter with chocolate from Krauses."

-Jacquelyn S.

Best chocolate ever...

I'm a huge fan of your chocolate! I came upon Krause's one winter evening driving around looking for a restaurant.  It has since become a destination whenever I get back in the area. I also satisfy my craving by ordering online! It's the best chocolate ever and the folks in the store are friendly too!


I am a chocoholic!

"I grew up on your chocolate. I came across your web site and just wanted to commend you on your amazing chocolate, great service and informational web page.I will continue to be a loyal customer."

- Danielle D. 

The best in Ulster County!

"Any one who lives in Saugerties or any of the surrounding towns know about this place! They make some of the best tasting chocolate around! The staff is always nice and if you have to make a big order for the holidays it’s always ready for you when you come to pick it up. This place really takes pride in its reputation and you can tell by the product they make! Go and check it out!"

- Nick J. 

Chocolates that everyone loves....

Like some of the others that have commented about growing up with Krause's, so have I. During my years in the service, I would have my mom go to the store and get a box to ship to me no matter where I was stationed. They were a huge success while I was in Saudi Arabia for a couple months. Now whenever I or one of my daughters goes back to Saugerties, there is a guaranteed stop at the store to pick up numerous boxes of chocolates to distribute to those of us who didn't go.  These are chocolates that everyone that has tried them loves. 

-Bruce B. 

Exceptional Chocolates...

Just wanted to let you know I have recently discovered your exceptional chocolates. I have since been in 3 times. They are, without a doubt the BEST chocolates I have ever had (and I am no novice sweet-tooth, trust me). Thank you  and keep up the fine work.

-Tammany H., Woodstock, NY 


"I LOVE Krauses Chocolates! When I was younger, my mother would always stop in for 4 pieces of chocolate on the way to the mall. Then we’d fight over who got what kind. My favorite is the Dark Chocolate covered oreos...yummy! I highly recommend Krauses Candy for any occasion, whether it be your wedding favors or just a decadent snack!"

- Chris U.

And now that I'm in touch with a person, please bear with me for a moment while I rave about your chocolate. . .

"A friend sent a box to me last week and I've been eating 2 or 3 pieces a day ever since (the limit of my willpower!). We always send Grandma chocolates from her favorite place in Pennsylvania but after I tried Krause's I thought we should take a chance and switch it up on her. I was very surprised when I went to your web site last night at how affordable you are! (15 oz box of nut assortment that we usually send to Grandma from Gardners is $21!). Thanks again!"

- Jennifer


My friend gave me some of your chocolates for Christmas. I LOVED them! Dark chocolate is all that I will eat, so I asked her to get me some more when she was in the area. She got me my favorites, in all dark, orange and raspberry creams and orange and raspberry jellies. I am a connoisseur of dark chocolate and especially the types I just mentioned. I haven't found chocolates that delicious since I was in a little chocolate shop in Vermont about 15 years ago and thought I would never find anything that good again--but--you are that good and more! They are absolutely outstanding. The chocolate is perfect--has a perfect dark chocolate flavor and has a "snap" that I think all good dark chocolate should have when you bite into it. The fillings are perfectly flavored as well.

I am so impressed, that I have added your website as a "favorites" on my computer, and although I live in Orange County and it is somewhat close, it's still a little far to drive, but now I found out that I can order your chocolates online, and I will!!! I especially like that you allow the consumer to pick and choose what they want to order- you don't have to buy a pre-packaged assortment.

Thank you again for providing such wonderful chocolate in this area. I'm glad that I found you and am glad that you are keeping this trade alive in this area, and boy you do the best job at it!

Your biggest fan, 

-Michelle T., Orange County, NY 

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